10, 20, 50 NEW DOWNLINE...

Direct sellers to it every day!
And they do it with Opportunity Nights!

Dear Stamping Business Owner,

Have you ever wondered...

You've all heard stories of network marketers who have built downline of thousands... even tens of thousands of people. And if you study each of these super upline, as well as the businesses they represents, you'll find they don't have a lot in common... except one thing...

They All Built Their Downline With Opportunity Nights!

I'm not talking about the Opportunity Night you've probably seen or heard about in the stamping business community.

The truth is, most of those Opportunity Nights are nothing more than free classes that attract the wrong type of prospect anyway.

I'm talking about honest-to-goodness events centered around the Opportunity that attract business-builders, have super-high success rates and lead to increased downline size, growth AND retention!

KNOW The Difference

Every other area of recruiting has an approximate 8-10% conversion rate.

That means, for every 10 to 12 people you speak with about the business opportunity, 1 person will eventually sign up.

A proper Opportunity Night has an incredible 75% conversion rate!!!

That means, for every 4 people who attend your Opportunity Night, 3 of those people will sign up!

So Why Isn't Everyone Doing Opportunity Nights?

Frankly, because nobody has ever taught them the right way to do it.

Until now!!!

Welcome to the How To Conduct An Opportunity Night Class!

How To Conduct An Opportunity Night! is part of the SIMB Class series.

In this special seminar, you'll learn everything you need to know to plan and conduct Opportunity Nights that really build your business!

And unlike my Boot Camps, because this content never really changes, you'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the password-protected class site, containing all of the information!


Why Conduct An Opportunity Night?
Just in case you need more convincing, I go into the numbers in detail to show you why Opportunity Nights are the gift that keeps on giving!

How To Prepare For The Opportunity Night
What you need to put into place in advance of announcing the event.

Marketing the Opportunity Night
How to roll out the marketing campaign to the prospects you know about... the ones you don't... AND your downline (yes, your downline).

Planning for the Opportunity Night
We'll go through what you need to have in place for the event that day.

The Step-by-Step Opportunity Night Agenda
I will share with you the step-by-step agenda you should follow for the Opportunity Night event. This agenda is the result of almost 11 years of work with my clients, studying what works and doesn't work, and constantly making tweaks and adjustments. What you're going to hear is the agenda that will get you the most signups!

If you're not following up with your attendees AND your downline, you're missing out on a LOT of business! We'll go into this in detail.

What's the difference between
SIMB Classes and Boot Camps:

  • All of the lessons are already recorded- you can begin the class immediately!
  • There are no live calls - all of the Lessons are already recorded, posted and accessed through a password-protected site.
  • There are no deadlines! - since the content is "evergreen" (it never really changes), you'll have lifetime access to the videos and any additional content I add based on your questions and comments
  • It's sort of like owning a DVD... except the content is online, instead of on a disc... and will be updated!

And if you have questions, you can always be post them to the site... and I'll always answer them.

So... how much for lifetime access to all of the video lessons giving you all of the information you need to build a quality downline fast?

The price is just $37!

$37 gets you all of this information... for as long as you need it!

All of the Lessons are already recorded and posted. You can start learning whenever you're ready!

To sign up, use the link below. After your payment is processed, you'll be taken to a page to set up your username and password on the site. As soon as you have access to the site (about 15 seconds later), you can begin learning Basic HTML!


Warmest regards... and I hope to see you on the other side!

John Sanpietro
Certified Business Coach

John Sanpietro,, Stamping Is My Business! 43 Fir Street, Jay, NY 12941