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Dear Friends,


Since launching earlier this year, The Business Stampers Coaching Group has already established itself as one of the most productive communities of business-minded stamping business owners ever!


"I've found a place where positive business attitudes abound and people are serious about working their business, not just about giving lip service to the idea and wondering why they are floundering.

I've witnessed an amazing amount of sharing of ideas, with plentiful input from John to boot, that will help anyone with their business."

 - Sharon Rodgers


"The resources and tools that this group is giving me to take my business in the direction I want it to go is incredible.

In addition to the professional guidance that John gives us, the support and positive attitude of the other members is awesome!

This is the best business building and career minded group I've belonged to in the 9 years of my stamping career!"

- Glenda Trexler





The Business Stampers Coaching Group is a coaching community of stamping business owners who are serious about their business or would like to become serious.

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How to you know this Group is for you?:

  • If one of your goals is to make a profit, or more of one, with your stamping business, this Group is for you!

  • If you're willing to be coached and are open to different ideas, this Group is for you!

  • If you've been wanting to get some help with your business, but were waiting for a low-cost option, this Group is for you!

  • If you're the type of person who benefits from a community of people who feel the same way you do AND support you, this Group is for you!

  • If you're looking for a positive environment where the focus is STRICTLY on your stamping business, this Group is for you!


The Business Stampers Coaching Group is designed to be a positive place where the business-minded among you can gather to learn, share and thrive during these challenging times. 


"What I love most about BSCG is that we are all here for the same reason, we WANT to grow our business!

Never have I been in one place where I've had such an abundant amount of useful resources. I appreciate the willingness of other demos sharing what makes them successful and the PRICELESS knowledge of our very own Business Coach!

John provides the REALITY of what it takes to become a successful Stamping Business Owner, not the fairytale version of it... "

- Amy Braunscheidel


"I've had an excellent year (including qualifying for the SU Trip)!  You certainly were an important aspect of my success!"

- Mary Fish, #1 SU Rising Star


"I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned and implemented in less than a month!

This group is the key to my Stampin' Up! success and it has been WELL worth the low cost already!"

 - Michelle Tech



Membership benefits include a number of items designed to maximize the strength of this community AND gain solid, professional Coaching to make you more efficient, effective and profitable than ever before!


"Well in all honesty, I have been able to PUT INTO PRACTICE - IMMEDIATELY - more things in the past two weeks through this ONE group than I have in the past six months through several others.

The blog evaluation ALONE caused me to make four changes to my website that have already been used and noticed by customers in just five days.

And with those sorts of results comes the motivation to do MORE! It's like when you clean the kitchen, all of a sudden you want your dining room to look as good. And before you know it, your house is spotless and you are thrilled! It's like that here; the things I am learning, the steps I am taking, the tips I am using are all reinvigorating my attitude, making things just plain work better for me and I am having FUN again!"

 - Brenda Crawshaw


As a Business Stampers Coaching Group Member, you will receive the following:


  First, BSCG Members have access to new content EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, Monday thru Friday:

  • Monday Morning Motivational Audio - each Monday morning, there will be a two to three-minute audio or video message posted to help you "kick start" your week!  This message will include information about things you should be focusing on that particular week, as well as random challenges to help keep you motivated! You can hear a sample Monday Morning Message by hitting the play button at right.

  • Tuesday Coaching Challenge - every Tuesday morning, you'll receive a business-building challenge to try and complete that day.  This challenge will encourage you to try something you may not have tried before.  So far, these challenges have led to immediate increased profitability among BSCG Members!

  • Wednesday How-To Video - every Wednesday, a second audio or video message will be available to you.  This message, which will be a little longer, will essentially explain in greater detail how to efficiently and effectively accomplish a common task in your stamping business.  Past How-To Messages have dealt with "How to Keep Track of Your Finances" and "How to Price Your Classes."

  • Thursday Blog Evaluation Video - Every Thursday, you'll be able to watch a Video Blog Evaluation.  During these videos, which average about 10 minutes in length, I'll go through a BSCG Members' blog (who volunteered for the eval, of course), pointing out its strengths, as well as areas where I think changes and adjustments can be made to give the blog more impact and make it more effective. 

  • Friday/Weekend Challenge - Each Friday, you'll receive a challenge that is both business AND balance-based... with a little more emphasis on balance.  It won't be too difficult, and you'll have the whole weekend to accomplish it.  Working on these challenges will make your business more balanced, efficient and easier to run.  Previous challenges have included such tasks as: take a box into your office and fill it up with items you haven't touched in 12 months.  Then, move that box into your basement, attic or garage.

  • Daily "Coach In My Pocket" Text/Desktop Messages & Challenges - Imagine you're sitting at your desk, idly surfing blogs and having trouble focusing on work... when a text message comes in from your Coach challenging you to make five customer phone calls in the next 30 minutes!  That's the idea behind the "Coach In My Pocket" service.  You will receive text messages to your cell or e-mail (your choice) at random times throughout the week with motivational messages and small challenges to help keep you on task!

Additionally, BSCG Members also receive the following benefits:

  • Newsletter Co-Op - do you struggle to come up with content for your newsletter every month?  Wouldn't it be great if you could just write one newsletter article per month, and then have access to over 50 other informative articles and projects for your newsletter?  Well, now you can!  The Newsletter Co-Op does just that.  Each month, you have to write one article and submit it.  Once you do, you'll have access to all of the other articles Co-Op Members submitted that month!  Minimum work... maximum return!  Many Members have said the Co-Op alone is worth the BSCG membership, but it's just one of dozens of benefits you receive at no additional charge.

  • Speed Coaching Periodically, we have 10-minute 'Speed Coaching' days.  Basically, I'll pick a day and give Members a number to call.  When you get through, you have 10 minutes.  Not everyone will get through every time, but for those who do, you'll be amazed how much we'll be able to accomplish in such a short period of time!

  • Monthly Coaching Conference Call with John Sanpietro - this is a live conference call EXCLUSIVELY for BSCG members!  There will be a monthly topic I'll share with you, as well as an Open Q&A session, where you'll be able to ask any business-related question you'd like.  You'll also have the opportunity to submit questions in advance.  That way, if you can make the live call, you can still get your question answered and just listen to the recording (which will be posted) later.

  • Business Stampers Message Board (click the thumbnail at right to see it) - this bulletin board is designed to be a "Strictly Business" bulletin board!  It will be moderated by John Sanpietro.   As you can see from the topics we've set up, we'll be covering and discussing a full array of subjects important to your business, without a lot of the non-business topics and negativity that you find elsewhere

        This Message Board is NOT just a place for Stamping Business Owners to share, but a place

        for them to ask questions and be coached by John!  

        Since launching, John has posted to the Message Board almost 2300 times!


        There's also a special section set aside for Canadian SU Demos, as well as Australia/New Zealand

        Demos.  These sections will allow Demos in those countries to discuss the issues specific and exclusive to their regions.


        Since the launch, I've also added sections containing articles you can reproduce for your blogs and newsletters, as well as

        a section containing news articles for YOU, the stamping business owner, to read.


        Another aspect of this board is the No Private Message/E-mail Policy.  Too often, people on other boards who express

        a dissenting or minority opinion will be flamed privately.  This scares people into not sharing their opinions and creates a

        negative, intolerant environment.  This will NOT happen on this board!  Differing opinions will be encouraged and

        flaming will not be tolerated, and if you have anything to say to someone, you'll have to say it publicly!

  • Monthly Newsletter Evaluation Videos - Once a month, we'll take a video tour of a Members' newsletter, looking at both content and design.  We'll see what's effective, as well as what changes and additions can be made to make the newsletter more of a revenue-generating vehicle.

  • Monthly Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Evaluation Videos - These social networking tools are the next must-haves for any stamping business owner.  We'll look at Members' Facebook, YouTube & Twitter pages, and explore what they're doing right, as well as what they could be doing better.  Watching these videos, you'll learn what you could be doing better, too! 

  • Access to the 12-Month Business Success Program and Other Exclusive Business-Building Content - Links to articles, information and resources to help build your business, as well as exclusive business-building content you won't find anyplace else!

  • Exclusive Discounts on Future SIMB Products and Services - instant discounts on Boot Camps, new CDs, CD-ROMs, etc.

  • ...and more!


The Group is administered through a special, password-protected membership site.  Each member will have their own unique Member ID and Password.


"Many of you who know me know that I've been coaching with John Sanpietro for some time.  While John doesn't DO the work, I can say these 3 things that I know his coaching has on some level influenced:

 - The Christmas 2008 quarter was my best quarter in 10 years
December 2008 sales were TRIPLE my best December in 10 years
 - I earned the cruise in December 2008 - two months earlier than I've ever achieved it & one month b4 my goal.

And believe me when I say that I NEVER THOUGHT I'D EVER recruit anyone OR earn the cruise.  I went 5 years with just ONE person on my team (HI Linda!)

I realize that coaching is a commitment.  Now John is offering a high tech coaching opportunity for you at an affordable rate."

 - Ann M. Clemmer, #7 Demonstrator of the Year,


So, how much does this all cost?  The monthly conference call... the two weekly challenges... the weekly Monday Morning Audio Message... the Wednesday How-To Video/Audio... the weekly Video Blog Evaluation... the 'Strictly Business' Message Board and everything else?


Well, normally, it's $19.95/month (which is a ridiculously low price to pay for all of this content). 


However, because your upline is already a client, you have the opportunity, thanks to her, to try out the BSCG for 30 days... FREE!  You don't have to enter any credit card info.  All you have to do is sign up!


At the end of the 30 days, you'll be given the opportunity to become a Permanent Member, and, obviously, we hope you do. 


If you do decide to become a Permanent Member, great!  There's no minimum commitment.  Membership is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time. 


If you decide not to, though, no problem.  We'll cancel your Membership and that'll be that!


I'm confident, though, that once you sign up for your free 30 days, you'll see the value and remain a member for a very long time!



"This group has really helped my business and it's only just begun.

John asks the right questions which makes us focus as Business Owners.  He shows us ways to earn more money, time management & organizational skills. 

I look forward to our conference calls, weekly challenges and positive up lighting emails and so much more...

Just what someone needs to learn if they want to be a successful Stamping Business, especially during these times!"

- Lois Folla,



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Warmest regards ,


John Sanpietro


John Sanpietro

Personal and Professional Development Coach 




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