Stamping Is My Business!

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About The Author

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Section One – The Proper Mindset

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            Chapter One             The Difference Between A Hobby

                                                   and A Business


            Chapter Two              Think, Talk and Act Like A

                                                   Business Owner  

Section Two – The Business Plan

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            Chapter Three            Your Objective and Long-Term Goal

            Chapter Four              Your Annual goals

            Chapter Five               Monthly, Weekly and Daily Goals

            Chapter Six                 Marketing and Advertising

            Chapter Seven           Websites

            Chapter Eight             Newsletters

            Chapter Nine              Physical Resources

            Chapter Ten                Money 

Section Three – Putting It All Together

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            Chapter Eleven            Now What?

            Chapter Twelve            Mailing Lists 

Section Four – Running The Business

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            Chapter Thirteen         Opening Day!

            Chapter Fourteen        Record Keeping

            Chapter Fifteen            Pitching the Business Opportunity

            Chapter Sixteen           Objection Handling

            Chapter Seventeen      Managing Your Downline

            Chapter Eighteen         Stamping Business, Inc.

            Chapter Nineteen         Taxes


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Appendix A – The Business Plan

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Appendix B – Glossary of Terms

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About the Author

In 2000, John Sanpietro left his six-figure position as a Fortune 500 consultant to become a Personal & Professional Development Coach.  That year, he founded Relieve and Achieve Coaching.  Currently, he has a full-time coaching practice specializing in small and home-based stamping business owners, sales professionals and people in career transition.  He is a popular public speaker, workshop leader and creator of informative books, CDs and other resources in the “Stamping Is My Business!” line.

John is a graduate of Coach University, a member of the International Association of Certified Coaches (IACC), the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the National Speakers Association (NSA).  He is also the co-leader of the Coachville Institute’s K-12 Focus Group – a think tank dedicated to the integration of coaching into elementary and secondary schools.

Before becoming a Coach, John spent 3½ years as Senior Business Development Manager for the Institute for International Research; traveling around the country, and helping Fortune 500 companies market their services to potential business partners.  Prior to this, John spent many years as a consultant; conducting sales training for individuals, executives and business owners.

After spending several decades in New York City, John now has the pleasure of working with his wife, Liz, from their home office in Jay, New York (in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains).





First of all, congratulations!  You’ve shown a level of commitment many of your peers do not possess.  On average, 80% of all demonstrators and distributors in stamping or any other network marketing business will never do anything with it!  They won’t sell any product (other than what they buy themselves), and they’ll never recruit one downline.  Ultimately, their business will fail.

Who Is This Book For?

This book is for the other 20%.  That segment of the population who wants to sell a lot of product, and recruit a huge network of downlines.  The fact that you’ve purchased this book indicates, to me, a desire to turn your stamping business into, at the very least, a successful, revenue-generating venture.  In all likelihood, though, you’re aiming for more than that.  You want to turn this into a full-time business that’s going to produce serious income!

You’ve taken the first step….and the next ones are included in these pages.

This book assumes you’re already affiliated with a stamping company.  In other words, you’re already a demonstrator or distributor.  If this assumption is incorrect, you really should become one before proceeding.  There are many fine stamping companies out there.  Among them:

  • Stampin’ Up (
  • Close To My Heart (
  • The Angel Company (

Each of these companies, as well as the many others I haven’t listed, while similarly structured, offer different benefits to their members.  Before joining one, you should do as much research as you can and decide which is best for you.

How to Read This Book

“Stamping Is My Business!” is full of useful information and covers a variety of topics necessary for you to launch and run your stamping business. 

Section One deals with the shifts you need to make in the way you think and act in order to be a successful business owner.

Section Two will provide you with step-by-step instructions to put together your Business Plan – an absolute necessity in any business.  You’ll find nine pages of worksheets included to help you each step of the way.  I’ve also included an eight-page blank Business Plan, written specifically for stamping businesses.  By the end of this section, you will have a completed Business Plan!

Section Three shows you how to get all of your assets in place for “Opening Day.”  This refers to the first day you begin to operate using your new Business Plan.  So, even if you’ve had a stamping business for some time, this book is still for you, and you’ll still have an “Opening Day.”

Section Four deals with “Opening Day” and beyond.  We’ll cover the topics necessary for the day-to-day operation of your business, as well as some ‘big picture’ topics, like pitching the business, objection-handling, downline management and taxes.

I would suggest you first read the book from cover to cover.   Then, go back and begin to read the book again - one section at a time.  In each section, you’ll be asked to do certain things.  Make sure you’ve completed all of them before proceeding to the next section.


How To Get In Touch With Me

As a Personal and Professional Development Coach, my specialty is home-based stamping business owners.  I work one-on-one with many demonstrators and distributors who want to grow their businesses.  This book comes out of my work with them. I wrote it as a way to allow me to reach more of you than I ever could individually.

Having said that, I enjoy and pride myself on personal contact.  I strongly encourage you to get in touch with me if you have questions or feel I can be of any assistance.  I would also like you to feel free to share any ‘wins’ you have, as well as any shifts in you, your thinking or your business.  I want you to succeed, and when you do, I’d like to hear about it.   My e-mail address is 


Where To Find The Recommendations

Throughout this book, you’ll find several recommendations for books and software you can buy, websites you can look at, and documents you can download.  To make things easy, all of these recommendations are listed and hyperlinked on my website:  Just click on the ‘Recommended Reading’ link at the bottom of the web page.


It’s Time To Get Started!

Clear the decks!  I want you to set aside time and space (physically and mentally) to focus on your business.  Use that time to read the book, and work on completing the tasks in each section. 

Most important, have fun!  This is exciting stuff. 

Remember, at the end of this rainbow is the opportunity to DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!

Good Luck!

John Sanpietro


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